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Dunax Pro

Xiu RDi has had a very close relationship with the importer and manufacturer of buggies Dunax Kart. We have designed its aftermaket products for the personalization and enhancement of its buggies as well as the preparations of its competition vehicles. Years ago, together with Dunax, we bet on the evolution of a UTV market towards the buggy and we believe that this market trend is being confirmed. Vehicles with greater benefits, lowering the center of gravity, in short, sports vehicles with sensations that match the expectations of the customer. As a result of these concerns and mentality was born the complete design project of the Dunax DK450. The first buggy of own design of the Dunax brand.
With the freedom to make a buggy in the Xiu RDi style, we were able to incorporate some innovations at a dynamic level. Always looking for a better behavior of the vehicle in braking and curves. The DK450 mounts independent swingarms on the rear and front wheels. Clamping system of stub axles with braces. Position of the co-pilot behind the pilot, totally centered weights. Obtaining a light, stable, resistant and powerful vehicle. Creating something new and different in the Buggy world has also been possible.