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Ossa Enduro

Working as an external department of Research Development and Innovation of Ossa Motor SL, we project the design of the enduro motorcycle from scratch, with all the freedom to impregnate an enduro bike with our innovative spirit. Note some sections of the bike that make it revolutionary in their specialty. 2-stroke engine rotated 180º, with dual electronic injection system (indirect in the crankcase and direct to the combustion chamber through the cylinder). On the one hand, fulfilling all that is required at the level of emissions and also the power demand of users. Magnetic steering wheel with charging and starting functions. This magnetic steering wheel incorporates hybrid functions, thus creating the first 2-stroke engine with silent start, stop & go function (less emissions) and regenerative + kers function (power increase from the battery). At a dynamic level, lateral shock absorber system with rods, tubular steel chassis and cast aluminum swingarm. A motorcycle that has been very well received by critics and the market at the EICMA fair in Milan 2011, awarded as the most revolutionary enduro novelty.