Hebo Embrague hidráulico Hebo Embrague hidráulico

Hebo Embrague hidráulico

For the expert in off-road motorcycle accessories, Hebo Racing, a hydraulic actuator was developed to drive the clutch of any engine. A very simple system. Simple also to install on any type of engine. It allows to pass from a cable clutch, with the hardness and precision that characterizes them, to a lever with hydraulic pump, with which the pilot has touch, precision and smoothness when operating the clutch of his motorcycle, quad, buggy, etc. The main advantage is that being hydraulic automatically adjusts to the state of the clutch discs, both in cold and hot works perfectly. Avoiding the problem that the pilots have with the cable, that you can only adjust it to go well in cold or hot. In this case Hebo did not think about patenting the product. Over the years other brands have appeared with the same system, but the positive thing is that if they copy you, you know you have something of value. After a few years, it is still current, and it continues to be sold as a universal solution to drive the clutch of all types of engines.