Ossa TR 280i Ossa TR 280i

Ossa TR 280i

In the refoundation of Ossa, after more than 20 years of inactivity, Xiu Rdi took command of the Technical and Development department. With the illusion that involves contributing to start a project as big as building a brand as mythical as Ossa, you could not disappoint with the design of the first model of the modern era of Ossa. We took advantage of the freedom and confidence that Ossa transmitted to us to impregnate our innovative spirit and long experience in a revolutionary trial bike. It is worth mentioning some aspects of the bike that make it unique in its specialty. 2-stroke engine rotated 180º, with electronic injection. New distribution of components. The lightest bike in the market. Tubular chassis in steel and aluminum and tilting in cast aluminum. A motorcycle that was very well received by critics and the market at the EICMA fair in Milan 2009, awarded as the most innovative Trial novelty of the show.

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